Domain Knowledge

The domain knowledge areas around the outside of the Wheel represent supporting expertise that may better help you serve the client and build trust with the team or organization. However, there is a risk: the more domain experience you have, the harder it will be to remain objective in your coaching. Therefore, it may be valid for a coach to allow a reduction of expertise in some areas (i.e., choosing not to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in technology) while seeking to increase knowledge in other areas.



While crafting the Wheel, we debated for a long time whether things like engineering practices and technical excellence should be represented under Knowing the Team. We specifically chose not to write about these things—e. However, knowledge of your team’s technical practices conceptually live here on the wheel. 



Similarly, you can consider things like Lean UX and Business Modeling part of Knowing the Business, and scaling frameworks and organizational change practices may be part of Knowing the Organization as you serve the organization.


Domain knowledge encompasses expertise in the work of the team, the business and the organization Including (but not limited to):


Knowing the Team

  • Understanding current technical practices, and identifying practices that could be improved or adapted to increase agility.
  • Technical understanding of the product a team is delivering or products across the organization.
  • Growing relationships with the people in yor team.

Knowing the Business

  • Understanding the marketplace in which business is being conducted.
  • Understanding the needs and concerns of users, customers, and other business stakeholders.

Knowing the Organization

  • Knowledge of structures, policies, and operating models.
  • Understanding relationships between people, teams, and departments.
  • Understanding the organizational culture.