How to Use the Wheel

The purpose of this wheel is to help you self-reflect or reflect with a coach, mentor, or colleague. The objective here is to help you understand where you are so that you can explore and develop further.


Step 1: Identify an area of improvement

Walk through each of the competency areas (the 8 spokes and the self-mastery hub), use the guidance below to make sure you have a high-level understanding of each area.  You can’t improve everything at once, so select an initial area of focus to work on.

Step 2: Reflect on a competency area

For each competency within the competency area, go through the guidance and assess your competence against the 5 levels of assessment. Use the definitions and challenge yourself on your competence levels. The goal is not to get to level 5, the goal is to know where you are and where you want to go next in your journey. 


Step 3: Brainstorm options and generate actions.

Use the insight generated in the reflection to brainstorm options for growth and then formulate a plan of action. This part works best working with a coach, mentor, or colleague. 


Step 4: Inspect, Adapt, Repeat

The rest of the guidance is just that: guidance. The detail against each level for a specific competence is meant as reflection, not as a checklist. There may be guidance at the practitioner level that you cannot fulfill 100%, perhaps they are not vital to you or your context. As you explore the guidance, you might find a better fit for yourself.