Joel Bancroft-Connors

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Joel Bancroft-Connors believes in creating a more sustainable culture and world. His personal motto is “Better people make for better teams. Better teams make for better products. Better products make for better companies, and better companies can and do change the world.”

Known as “The Gorilla Coach” for his willingness to take on tough issues no one wants to deal with, Joel is active in the global Agile community believing that professionalizing the world of Agile Coaching will help to improve the world by creating better change agents to support those people, teams, and companies that are changing the world for the better.

Using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

Joel uses the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel in all aspects of his training and consulting. Future Scrum Masters are introduced to the Growth Wheel in Joel’s Certified ScrumMaster workshops and are shown the possible growth paths they can pursue next. For many students, this is the first hint they have of the wider world beyond the foundation certification that has introduced them to Scrum. 


Joel is one of the spokespersons for the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel writing extensively on its use, speaking regularly at conferences and meetups, recording video content, and working with Growth Wheel partner, the Scrum Alliance, on how the Wheel can be used as a tool for Scrum Masters and Product Owners seeking to grow their ability to support the delivery of more sustainable value. 

My Market of Skills

As a self-described “recovering project manager”, I specialize in helping organizations transition from 20th-century project practices to modern, value and outcome-driven practices that support more sustainable organizations. I have experience in implementing Scrum and Agile in a diverse set of industries including consumer electronics, enterprise software, insurance, finance, data warehouse, state, and federal governments.

I also mentor future Agile leaders using the Growth Wheel as a focus for helping these leaders choose a path and growth plan that will allow them to help change the world for the better.


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