Martin Lambert

Martin Lambert
Martin Lambert radar

Martin is a freelance consultant specialising in agile adoption for software teams and organisations building Digital products.


A present and patient Agile Coach who will partner with his client and his teams to help them achieve the goals they identify as important to achieve.


A Scrum Master of 13 years who goes beyond Scrum, but with the inspect and adapt principle at the core of all work. 


With experience as coaching group host, volunteer mentor and more recently Licensed Guide with the newly formed Agile Mastery Institute, Martin helps Scrum Masters and Product Owners develop mastery in their profession.

Using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

Martin uses the ACGW mainly for his own self assessment and awareness of where to add or replenish knowledge in agile coaching competencies.


He also uses it as an awareness check with other Scrum Masters he is working with, and as a tool to assist his former colleagues who may be looking to hire an agile coach.  Seeing these competencies laid out in the wheel is often a big eye-opener for hiring managers, who may not know how to express what they’re looking for.

My Market of Skills

Direct to clients I offer Scrum Master and Product Owner Mentoring.


To other coaches using the Wheel, I offer resonant and friendly coaching.


I am looking for help with Self Mastery and opportunities for refreshing any kind of event facilitation skills.