Mauricio Robles

Mauricio Robles

Mauricio Robles is a Certified Team Coach by the Scrum Alliance (CTC), who brings together more than 25 years of experience in Project Management that has transitioned over time into Agile Coaching. His passion is guiding teams through the implementation of Agile values and principles by exploring their process, feedback management and continuous improvement. He is passionate about exploring the role of the Agile Coach and building community.

Using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

Mauricio uses the ACGW to design his own growth, as well as to build accountability for his continuous improvement.


He also uses it to guide Scrum Master Communities of Practice, towards becoming cross-functional teams by mapping the skills across the group and building a cross-training program among the members.

My Market of Skills

I’m strong at guiding teams to design their path towards continuous improvement through experimentation.


I’m continuously looking for learning opportunities within the Agile Community by expanding my network of collaboration.


I can offer an empathetic partnership to co-create a space of growth and learning.