Miloš Zeković

Miloš Zeković
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Milos is passionate about helping people develop. There is no bigger satisfaction for him than to experience people’s success in becoming better at what they do or who they are. 

He is governed by values of freedom, holistic acceptance and exploration. His style is interactive, curious, playful and provocative with lots of examples from everyday life and his own experience. As an agile coach, Milos combines cognitive-behavioral coaching, agility, system thinking and mindfulness to support individuals, teams and organizations. He has a keen interest in organizations preparing to grow, and experiencing growth pains or challenges in integrating different cultures. 


His experience shows great versatility and diversity. He worked in multicultural environments, different industries and organizational types and a variety of teams: from Silicon Valley InsuranceTech startup to a global humanitarian organization, from the finance sector to ICT. 

Milos is the first Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach in the Balkan region. He is an active contributor to both the local and global agile community. He spoke at numerous events, wrote articles for Scrum Alliance, co-trained with global experts, helped in the translation of books about agility, created and empowered local communities of practice. 


He is a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach and Path to CSP Educator; Certified LeSS Practitioner.; and International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach.

Using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

Milos uses the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel for mentoring and coaching Scrum Masters and agile coaches on their journey to excellence. Through the journey, the wheel raises awareness of the versatility of the role, competency standards and makes it easier for coaches to articulate their next development goal.


When working as an external agile coach, Milos uses the wheel to help organizations in: assessing versatility and cross-functionality of their agile community; developing career paths; and help internal coaches or managers in coaching their teams. 


Milos also uses the wheel to self-assess and set his own development goals. In the local agile community, he is modeling that every agile coach, regardless of experience, should self-reflect and develop.

My Market of Skills

I am strong in coaching and supporting development growth of agile leaders, especially ScrumMasters.


I am looking for people to collaborate with to expand agile coaching depth by connecting and integrating professional coaching and professional agile worlds.


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