Samantha Sieverling

Samantha Sieverling

Samantha believes that caring comes first. As a Senior Agile Coach, it has taught her that people won’t share if they don’t care, or aren’t engaged. If a team or group is happy, engaged and having fun they are much more likely to become a high-performing team. She has been on a continuous journey of learning about herself and her skills in coaching for many years now and finds a great deal of joy in her work.


Caring simply isn’t optional to Samantha. She has high ClfitonStrength empathy score that she has leaned into as her skills have progressed from personal coach, scrum master, to agile coach. Helping teams find engagement among themselves, their ways of working, and finding their way through self-management has been an amazing journey.


Samantha is committed to helping people build their own strengths and find their best possible lives, as individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations.

Using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel

Samantha has been using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel to help Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches find their growth opportunities, and opportunities to celebrate how far they have come!  It has helped them deepen their work and their personal lives.  Finding the bumpy part of the wheel when doing the work can be a real eye-opener and help people discover where they may want to improve their skills or knowledge.


Samantha helped build the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel and contributed deeply to the Self-Mastery portion of the wheel.

My Market of Skills

I am strong at supporting the growth of Product Owners, Engineers and Managers through teaching and coaching.


I am looking for people to collaborate with to advance the profession of Agile Coaching.


I can offer advice to anyone looking to integrate the wheel into their training programs or their personal coaching practices.


Contact me at


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